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Get your holidays discount here!

About us

Our story

Our brand was founded in 2015. It was also in that year, we promised we were going to create an adult product brand not only our customers enjoy, but also we were satisfied with. But our obsession and curiosity about sexuality started long before that. Even when we were in our puberty, we were always wondering about the other sex. Our early curiosity made us firmly believe that, sex should be the most natural and organic part of humanity. No matter what everyone else says, no matter how people say it, we shouldn’t be ashamed of our curiosity and dare-to-try spirit.


Our value

We firmly believe that all human have the God-given right to experience and enjoy sex. One shouldn’t restraint themselves for external environment or strange eyes. We also believe that no matter how different we are in our sexual orientation, nationality, age or appearance. We are all human beings after all. We are all created equal, and should all get to enjoy the beautiful things in life. We stand against all kinds of discrimination, and advocate equal and friendly working environment.


Our mission

As a brand and small business, our job was to provide people with high-quality, well-designed, powerful, and easy-to-use sex toys. We would keep that in mind. What’s more, we would always remember that people is the object of our service, that we should try to treat everyone with a peaceful and friendly heart. Better lives for everyone will always be our main goal and mission.



C/Resurreccion 3, Bajo, Madrid, Spain